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As a business leader, supporting your teams and presenting a confident, in control image is part of the job. But it can be lonely at the top and when the buck stops with you, who supports you? I create a supportive and objective thinking space to enable you to think, plan and achieve your goals. 

I have been leading and developing people in the private sector for over 18 years. For the last four years, I have been working as a Leadership Coach. I bring an exuberant and powerful coaching style, as well as a wealth of experience in all areas of leadership. I have an Accreditation with Association of Coaches as a Foundation Executive Coach and am a member of the Association of Coaches.

I have personally experienced the power of coaching when in a leadership role.   The coaching space allows you to say what’s on your mind and decide for yourself what you need to focus on. It challenges you to think differently. It promotes self awareness, reflection.  It is empowering and transformational.

Clients come to me when:

They’re under pressure and need a supportive person to speak to who can help them order their thoughts to achieve their objectives

They’ve been promoted into a Leadership role and want to develop their Leadership style

They’re working with change in their organisation and need support to lead themselves and their teams through the change

Learn more about the power of coaching. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me sarah@dancinginthemindfield.co.uk.


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