Volta Media

Member since: 05/08/2019

We help businesses break through the noise by developing and implementing video marketing strategies that build trust with customers & helps them grow.

Our Services

We offer five core services designed to help businesses of any size stand out from the crowd.

Video Strategy

Just having videos won't get you results. You need a solid marketing strategy to craft your videos around and reach your customers.

Video Production

We can produce a wide variety of videos including; Promotional Documentaries, Customer Case Studies, Educational Videos & Social Media Adverts.

Video Branding

Extend your branding into your videos with logo reveals, watermarks, lower thirds and other graphics. Keep your brand consistent.

Video Marketing

Once your videos are ready to go, we can manage, monitor and maintain your video marketing campaigns, making sure they are working effectively.

Video Training

The best video marketing strategies include a mix of professional & DIY videos. We can teach you how to produce and publish video content.

Our Process

Our process involves two main stages; developing & implementing - both of which are vital to creating a successful video marketing campaign.


Arguably the most important part, development is the first stage to every project. Without this there will be no marketing strategy to implement and your videos will just be shouting into the wind.


Once we have a strategy in place, we can begin implementing it, producing the films and publishing them on social media, your website or as part of a lead generator.

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