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We are protection specialists and Appointed Represenatives of PRIMIS Mortgage Network. As a whole of market broker, we are in a fantastic position to provide you with the best bespoke insurance solutions available. We have helped many clients get the peace of mind and financial security they deserve, whether they are individuals, couples, families or businesses.

How can we help?

Ultimately, we help people when they and their loved ones need us the most. We don't like to think of being sick or injured, critically ill or dying, but we cannot predict our futures. By having the right cover in place, we help client's avoid financial difficulties.

  • Life insurance
  • Mortgage cover
  • Income protection
  • Critical illness cover
  • Private medical insurance
  • Unemployment cover

If you have insurance already, would you benefit from a free review? Circumstances may change over time so it's important to have your insurance checked from time to time. Whether it's promotions, moving home, having kids, we are here for you.


Two things we recommend looking out for are loaded premiums and life insurance policies in trust. Protect365 will never load premiums which is effectively a way for companies to get more commission from you. There are no benefits for you whatsoever! If your life insurance or mortgage cover are not in trust, you may wish to consider doing so. Currently, only about 2-3% of policies are paid out straight away. If your policy is not in trust, it will form part of your estate and potentially subject to 40% inheritance tax. It could also take months to be paid out through the Probate process. Setting up a policy in trust is completely free to do. For more information on how to do this, please contact us.

Only 10% of the population protect their income. Only 5% of self employed people protect theirs. Realistically, this should be the goto policy within a portfolio. If your wage stops do the bills? People are more inclined to pay £30 a month on a pet or tech device. We can arrange a policy around you and your earnings. If not, statutory sick pay is at the time of typing (September 2019) just £94.25 a week. Look at your outgoings and see how long you can last on this amount. We call it deadline to breadline!

Is your limited company in jeopardy?

You have looked at things like public and employer liability, even product indemnity. But what about the people in your business?

Shareholder Protection

Protect against losing control of your business and make sure you get fair value for selling your share if you are too ill to work. If a business partner dies or has a critical illness, this can lead to uncertaintly. Will a replacement be able to fill their shoes? Can you afford to pay the share value to their next of kin. If not, the shares go to them or a potentially your competition.

Key person cover

Imagine losing your main sales person, financial director or office manager. How can the business manage without them - or without you? You can protect your business against the financial effects of this happening. Key person cover could pay to bring in someone else during this difficult period.

Relevant life cover

This is a death in service arrangement which provides a lump sum on the death of an employee. It is a tax efficient employee perk, paying out promtly to their next of kin, traditionally based on multiples of salary. These are an alternative to group life schemes for small businesses.

Loan protection

When a business has loans in place, can it be repaid in the event of a key person dying? It provides a lump sum allowing the business to repay any borrowings.

Further options available to protect you and your estate

Wills and Estate planning

Are you one of many people that don't have a will?

We are able to assist you with wills and estate planning, including trusts and powers of attorney. Our legal department are STEP affilliated, giving you extra peace of mind.

It's your funeral!

We are intermediaries for a market leading funeral planning company, Golden Charter. We can provide plans suitable for any budget.

Talking about dying is often deemed to be taboo or an elephant in the room. We aim to break down these barriers and provide you with an opportunity to chat to your loved ones. You decide how you want your funeral to go. Funeral prices are on the increase but you can ensure your loved ones are not left in debt. Yes it will be a stressful time when you die, but your wishes are in place. This means no arguments or family fall outs which can often happen when someone dies with no plan in. We strongly advise you address the elephant in the room.

In summary

If you have read this far down, thank you for taking time out of your day! Our aim is to ensure as many people as possible get the best protection on the market with our bespoke solutions. We understand insurance is something that is often put off. But we see cases all the time where sometimes it's too late. We see the fallout and we are addressing this shortfall every day. Your life and health are too important for an off the shelf solution or one sourced with a few internet clicks. Talk to us face to face and we will work out the best options, ensuring you get the best advice from protection specialists.


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