Dales Consulting Limited

Member since: 03/08/2018

Personal coaching and mentoring including wellbeing and healthy lifestyle support. Walking and yoga retreats in Yorkshire. Specialist in stress and trauma healing. Founder of the Flow Academy, where adults get to explore and experiment, finding their 'mojo' and increasing energy levels.

With businesses the focus is on supporting leaders grow and fulfill their teams' true potential. 

After many years of corporate consultancy in the fields of IT and business change management, the focus changed to the people aspects - collaboration, engagement and personal development.  www.dalesconsulting.co.uk

An avid reader, and follower, of inspiring people, Lynda is continually growing her understanding of how we humans work. Latest research in Neuroscience, brain retraining, emotional distress, stress and trauma makes for a very deep complimentary repertoire to the business experience gained.  

Lynda is an award winning author and collaborator in the soon to be released "Success Formula", showcasing The Action Cycle - Act don't React!





Chamber Contact: Lynda Fussell

Website: www.lyndafussell.com


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