Adrenaline Content Marketing

Member since: 08/05/2018

I help B2B and B2C SMEs to find the right voice to attract new customers and retain those already on the books. I do this through delivering targetted content via social media, emails, blogs, and websites. Creating content that comprises engaging copy and compelling visual media is the key to holding your audience's attention. And not only do I create content for social media, I manage organisation's accounts as well. This means they can focus on what they do best - running the business! I originate from Chicago, so am fluent in both writing styles of English. 

After attaining my BA in English Language Studies, I taught for 20 years. Wanting to unleash my creative side, I switched careers in 2014 and became a copywriter. While working in-house for an elearning company, I completed online marketing modules to enable me to work as a marketing executive. I eventually set up on my own, and Adrenaline Content Marketing was born. 

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