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Taking the stress out of money through training and consultancy

Understanding how you feel, think about and handle money helps you better manage your personal finances, enhance your relationships and improve your well-being

94% of UK employees suffer from financial worries and less than 50% have a plan according to the latest figures - a stark statistic.

However, the ripple effect of this is significant too, with nine out of 10 larger UK businesses (2.4 million) suffering due to poor employee financial well-being. This costs UK employers more than £120 billion every year through stress related absenteeism, presenteeism, lower productivity and employee churn.

Within our society there are people who love to use their money to make others feel special and valued. There are others who believe in the importance of maximising every penny and don’t like to waste anything. In addition, there are those who love to create memorable and enjoyable experiences, using money to forge important relationships and invest in the next generation.

Perhaps we can all, at some time or other, identify with these descriptions. So, when life events put a strain on meeting these values, it’s not surprising that worry and anxiety can quickly follow.

Understanding our Values, Beliefs and Purpose is critical to understanding of ourselves, making plans and producing workable goals for the future

Financial stress isn’t confined to any particular area of a person’s life; it can affect our work; our relationships; our social life too. How can I support my employee’s mental health and relieve their stress about money?

With more than 21 years’ experience in the finance industry, we found an increasing demand to specifically address the financial well-being of employees.

Through bespoke training and workshops, we help people to understand their own relationship with money, developing strategies to manage it effectively and so move towards a less stressful and more authentic life. The net result? Happier, healthier, more productive people.

We have worked with a wide array of organisations such as county councils, family law firms, care and residential homes, colleges, government departments, companies in manufacturing, in IT and finance. We have an excellent track record for delivering on our client’s objectives – no matter the size or type of the organisation.

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