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Employee Wellness Support - For a Happier, Healthier and More Productive Business

Whether you are looking to manage change, cut costs, drive employee engagement or get more from your teams, our experienced consultants can deliver measurable, sustainable results.

Specialist consultancy, practical support and real results

Are low levels of employee wellbeing and emotional wellness holding your business back?

Stress, anxiety, depression and low engagement all have a significant, negative impact – from sick days and disengagement (presenteeism), to a lack of teamwork and high employee turnover.

AurumGold is here to help your organisation enable wellbeing transformation – boosting emotional health and employee wellbeing across your business using proven systems and a personalised service.

Appoint AurumGold and you will benefit from:

Specialist expertise

We focus on the Finance, Pharmaceutical Sales, Care and Manufacturing sectors. It’s where our professional expertise lies. We understand the, systems, processes and regulations surrounding these industries and the unique pressures facing your teams – enabling us to deliver tailored support that works for your business and delivers on your objectives.

One to one service

Our service is underpinned by personal support. In addition to DISC profiling, we will come into your business and spend one-on-one time with your team members, gaining a real understanding of their values & beliefs, emotional wellbeing, communication styles, concerns and motivations. 

Real business intelligence

By providing valuable insights into employee wellbeing, we can provide personalised advice on ways to improve communication, teamwork, culture, happiness and productivity across your organisation.

Implementation support

Consultancy is only one part of our service - we also provide practical, ongoing support. From tailored training and specialist development support to one to one coaching, we will help to implement real, measurable and lasting change in your business.

Measurable, sustainable results

Emotional health and employee wellbeing isn’t about finding a quick fix. It’s a process and a journey - our mission is to help you improve wellbeing across your organisation, building a resilient, positive and productive team, for the long term benefit of your business. 


Our brochure gives you some idea of the work we do. Because we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, if you don’t see what you are looking for please do contact us: AurumGold Brochure

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