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Member since: 06/02/2015

Xi Comms delivers advice, guidance and services so our customers get the maximum return from existing and/or new telecommunications.. So if your business is moving premises, being let down by unreliable technology, being held back by the existing technology or you simply want to understand what options are available to you from a telecoms perspective then we can help.

The telecoms market is complicated, fast moving, full of jargon and acronyms - Cloud, SIP, FMC, TDM, VoIP, MDM, FTTC, ISDN. We will cut throught all the confusing stuff - discuss in plain English how the services can be deployed to the benefit of your organsition.

Connectivity (particularly broadband) can be a major issue and in many ways is a post-code lottery. Here At Xi Comms we can help identify what services are available to you.

So whether you want to integrate your mobiles with your phone system, use home workers more effectively, want to measure the return from your marketing investment or simply want to reduce costs - Xi Comms is here to help you.

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