Wesley Centre

Member since: 11/09/2012

Until 2012, the Wesley Centre operated solely as the Wesley Chapel - the Methodist Church in the centre of Harrogate.  Known to many as "the place where we used to give blood", or "the place that has those lunchtime concerts", it is now a refurbished venue with modern, flexible rooms to hire which can be of use to a range of groups, whether from the public, private or voluntary sectors.

As it has a convenient, town-centre location, it offers a platform for engagement with community and volunteer services, civic concerns and commercial enterprises.

The Wesley Chapel congregation continue their Sunday worship and related social activities but wanted more for their building and to enable more of Harrogate to have an opportunity to give as well as receive.  Today's society is flexible and fast-moving so the aim is for the Wesley Centre to be equally flexible and increasingly inclusive - relevant now and in the future.

It's not possible to give blood here at the moment but the concerts are still going on!!




Chamber Contact: Pippa French

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