Saint Michael's Hospice

Member since: 01/01/2001

‘Saint Michael’s cares for local people with terminal illnesses and their families.  Each year we help over 2,000 people through our inpatient unit, day therapy services, Lymphoedema clinics, Specialist community nurses and bereavement centre Just B

Saint Michael’s depends on the local community to help raise 80% of its annual running costs (£5million in 2016) and has a range of mutually beneficial business initiatives to suit every type of company and budget

If you would like to raise your profile, motivate your staff and demonstrate that you stand for more than just profit, arrange a meeting with Vicky Findlow, Business Fundraising Manager, on (01423) 878615 ( ).  Make Saint Michael’s your Charity of Choice and you will help change the lives of local people at a very difficult time.’




Chamber Contact: Tony Collins

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Tel: 01423 879687