Next-Up Limited

Member since: 01/01/2001

Shape your unretirement on your terms.

Next-Up is a membership platform for individuals moving on from conventional working life. We provide the support you need to refine your identity, rework your skills & create new opportunities for yourself.

We’ll help you work out what you really want & make it happen. We’ll analyse your skills & experience & polish your personal branding. We can source mentoring from an expert; access & introduce you to people in need of your skills; give practical help to start a business or become a consultant; find or create speaking & writing opportunities; provide webinars, guides, workshops & networking events & much more.

Working with peers, you’ll hear what they’ve achieved, how they got there and what’s surprised or delighted them.

Through webinars, guides, workshops and networking events you’ll be inspired, understand the challenges and configure your own path.

Transitions are often tough, but by learning with and from peers, you can gain new inspiration, direction and purpose.

Chamber Contact: Sandy Welsh

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