Disability Action Yorkshire

Member since: 13/01/2006

Disability Action Yorkshire is a local charity that seeks to enable disabled people to live life in the way they wish. 



Currently those services include: residential care for younger disabled adults with training for independent living, training in the skills required for employment for younger disabled people and adults which is linked to a furniture warehouse selling pre-used furniture to the general public, personal care and support in the community and holiday accommodation.


Services for Local Business

The charity is an umbrella body for DBS checks and will process DBS applications for smaller businesses, with more than 2 employees, who are unable to register directly with the DBS.  Our administration fee is very reasonable – and by using us you are supporting a local charity.


Work Experience & Employment

We are always looking for work experience and employment opportunities for disabled younger adults.  We will provide full support as well as disability awareness training or advice if required.



Like all charities we value the role that volunteers can play and have a wide range of opportunities from members of the Board of Trustees to buddies supporting disabled people in the community to achieve their life goals.

Chamber Contact: Jackie Snape

Website: www.disabilityactionyorkshire.org.uk
icon-contact-dark-phone 01423 855410
Tel: 01423 855410


Health Care

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