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Public relations

We, as a Public Relations firm, work with – as opposed to for – all our clients, ensuring we contribute fully to their future success and keep our reputation as one of the top PR companies in the North. We ensure PR and media support features at the heart of their decision-making process – from business development to crisis management, and everything In-between.

We add an extra dimension to the way clients identify, meet – and beat – their business goals, and promote and protect their reputations, which is one of the great public relation services we provide, here in Yorkshire.

Media relations

As former journalists now working within the PR profession, we draw upon the rare blend of insights, skills and experiences gained by working in the media from both sides of the fence – and this is what makes us one of the top PR companies in Yorkshire. We have a nose for a good story, an eye for detail… and an ear listening out for opportunities for our clients. We also have an excellent social media strategy, posting tweets daily, and updating social media blogs to fit with our clients’ needs.


We develop and deliver high-profile customer campaigns which capture the imagination of the press and public but, as importantly, contribute to the enhanced reputation of the company. Our personal experiences have included the marketing of tap water as a real alternative to bottled water through Yorkshire Water’s award-winning “Icytonic” campaign; “Operation Fill and Carry” – an initiative aimed at encouraging customers to fill bottles with tap water as opposed to expensive mineral water; “Baywatchers” – an eye-catching environmental campaign to raise awareness of YW’s work on the East Coast; and various ‘sun safety’ initiatives designed to reverse the growing rate of skin cancer by encouraging more people to be sun aware… and sun safe.

Issues and crisis management

A good reputation is hard won …and easily lost. We specialise in safeguarding the reputation of a client when threats to its future success and development loom large. Product recalls, food poisoning, environmental pollution, job losses, court cases, industrial tribunals, the loss of a key customer – we have a wide range of experience of preparing, guiding and supporting you at times when you find yourselves thrust into the public spotlight.

Media training

What is news? How do the media work? What should I say to a journalist? Why bother with the media? How do I answer difficult questions? With our own ex-BBC presenter, we have developed a tailored package of media training sessions – ranging from a two-hour workshop to a day-long course in TV studios – which aim to demystify how the media operates, and equips you and your team with the skills and techniques necessary to handle the most difficult of interviews.

Community engagement and corporate social responsibility

Increasingly, we work with clients on programmes of activity which enrich the community in which they operate, raising their profile and enhancing their reputation locally as well.

Internal communications

Communicating with staff at different levels, working different hours, and based at different sites can be a huge headache. It is widely recognised that a well-informed staff has a better morale, fewer sick days and gives employers higher-than-average productivity. Different works with employers and employees to ensure that mechanisms are in place to ensure that effective, two-way communications are in place across the organisation.


Initiating the right subject for a strong media photocall, and then helping it be captured in just 1/250th of a second, is one of our key strengths. We maximise coverage for clients through stunning and eye-catching images with a difference. We work closely with some of the UK’s top photojournalists to ensure the words we write, and the photos they take, combine for the benefit of our clients.

Event management

From eye-catching photocalls to celebrity launches, we handle everything on a client’s behalf – from developing the concept through to its execution.

Copywriting, design and print

Words are the nub of our business. We specialise in writing crisp, jargon-free copy to help get across your key messages in an effective way – whether it be for a leaflet, brochure, website, newsletter, annual report, press release, corporate video script. And we work with some of the most creative and successful designers and photographers in the business to achieve the highest visual impact.

Social Media

Here at Different PR we recognise the importance of keeping up with the rapid development of technology and ways businesses and people are communicating their messages to a mass market.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare – You name it, we know it. People are networking every minute of every day.

We realise the mass amount of opportunities that Social Marketing provides: It gives you the chance to broaden your markets, present and establish your identity, raise awareness, run successful campaigns, gain valuable feedback, promote, and when needed, protect – just to name a few.

We also realise how easy a reputation can fall. It takes a long time to get the top, and one simple “tweet” to fall back down. This is why we make sure every move we make is carefully thought out and that we get it right first time.

About Different PR

Different PR was formed by Richard Chew and David Simister and since its start has gone from strength to strength.

As a high profile public relations agency based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, Different PR enjoys an enviable county wide reputation with full UK coverage.

Boasting a high profile client list of home grown talent, Different PR are well placed to give weight and enthusiasm to any PR campaign for individual clients and businesses alike.

Having sat next to each other at school, Richard and David have enjoyed a close working relationship for many years and both have a great love of journalism.

You can contact Richard and David at Different PR by calling 0845 389 2626 o

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Website: www.differentpr.co.uk
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