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Environmental Hero Award Nomination for Steve Pepper

5 Sep 2016 by Sandra Doherty

Our own Steve Pepper has been nominated for his significant contribution to the environmental health profession in the inaugural Environmental Hero Award, in partnership with Middlesex University London.

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Steve Pepper

Individuals nominated should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Made a significant improvement to health or wellbeing, or helped to reduce health inequality in their community, regionally or nationally
  2. Caused the termination of a significant nuisance, or threat to health or the environment
  3. Overcame an obstacle or achieved a ‘hard to reach’ position resulting in a positive outcome in environmental health

The winner of the Environmental Hero Award will be selected by a dedicated panel of experts. They will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony at the 2016 CIEH Environmental Health Awards on 27 September 2016, by a representative of Middlesex University London.

I am sure you would all like to join with me and congratulate Steve on being nominated and cross your fingers that he wins the award.

Steve is passionate about his Food Safety Training and has quickly become the “go to” person on line for help in this very topical and important subject.