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Aspire2lead in York and North Yorkshire

24 Mar 2022 by A2L

Aspire2Lead (A2L) is an exciting project part-funded by the European Social Fund which aims to provide free support to women to boost their skills and confidence, achieve their potential and contribute to the growth of businesses in the York and North Yorkshire LEP Area.

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The Opportunity Centre is working in partnership with Beyond 2030 and Yorkshire In Business to deliver a range of services with a holistic approach for individuals and organisations to suit their needs and goals.

A2L offers group training and one-to-one support to employed/self-employed women to tackle specific barriers to progress and help them advance within the workforce.

The project also supports SMEs to boost their productivity by adapting policies and procedures to improve inclusivity and attract and retain high-quality employees in their workforce, as well as supporting SMEs to put procedures in place to ease the transition of women who may be returning to work after a career break, furlough or an extended period of sick leave.

Schools, colleges and universities can also access influencer training which is designed to encourage young women and girls to be ambitious and aim for senior leadership positions by tackling unconscious bias.

To find out how you can access this completely free of charge service please contact A2L on aspire2lead@theopportunitycentre.com  

Please note, for individuals to be eligible, they must be in employment, have the right to live and work in the UK and be 19 years of age or above. SMEs must be able to prove that they have fewer than 250 employees to receive support.

Aspire2lead is a project part-funded by the European Social Fund that helps support women in employment and SMEs in York and North Yorkshire. We offer support for those returning to work and to the companies they may be returning to.