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NEW networking event: Goals, Games and Gadgets!

25 Jul 2016 by Management Committee

Use your skills and work together to compete in Goals, Games and Gadgets!

Want to get to know local business owners from across the Harrogate district and build better relationships with them? Our new networking event is for you!

Open to members and visitors, it will challenge you to use your skills and work together to compete with other business owners in the room. Getting to know other business owners in a fun, informal way will help you to feel confident in using or recommending their services in future.

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Long-standing Chamber members will know that our August meeting is usually a speed-networking Safari. Over the years, plenty of people have really valued the chance to meet up to 48 new businesses in one evening, and pass their business cards around.

While these are still a great opportunity for new and existing members alike, we know that for many businesses, it's more important to build up strong relationships with others, rather than just accumulate a large number of contacts. With this in mind, we have come up with a new format for networking.

What is Goals, Games and Gadgets?

It's a new style of networking event designed to get people working together and using their skills to compete with other teams.

On arrival, there will be a buffet available and you will join one of the teams in the room to complete the ice breaker activity.

There will then be six challenges to complete in your teams, working against the clock and aiming to score maximum points in each round.

Half way through the evening, we'll stop for refreshments and a second visit to the buffet, before getting back to the challenges.

The evening will conclude with a quiz and the scores will be counted up, revealing our winning team.

Want to take part?

Visit the home page and click to register as a guest, or confirm attendance as a member. If you're having trouble registering, email ceo@harrogatechamber.co.uk.