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After-loss online art gallery launched

13 Jun 2021 by Full Circle Funerals

Full Circle Funerals has launched a free, open access, online art gallery to showcase art that people have created after loss. 

This gallery is a safe place for anyone, from professional artists to adults or children who have never consider themselves to be artists, to share their expression of loss through art.

The art shared here might be a drawing or painting, a photograph or poem, collage, fabric creation or a link to a song. Any medium of art is welcome.

Everyone experiences bereavement and loss and each individual will feel different. In addition, some people want support with bereavement and others choose to grieve privately.  After loss, you may experience a wide variety of emotions, which may change over time and can often be very conflicting and challenging.

David Billington, Independent Funeral Director and Community Impact Lead, said: "As part of our commitment to supporting wellbeing, we can help share resources about bereavement support and you are welcome to attend our bereavement support group, if you think that it might be helpful to listen and talk in a peer-support session.

"However, many people that we have supported have told us that they have found different ways to express their emotions, share their feelings and have used creativity to help support their wellbeing after loss.

"With this in mind, we have created this online art gallery to celebrate and share some of the beautiful and meaningful ways that people have used art to help them after a loss or bereavement. We hope that this provides a platform for people to share their art, and that it may inspire others to use art to support them after loss or bereavement.

"If you would like your art to be displayed on the online gallery then please do get in touch. If you would be happy to share some brief information about your art work then that would be really helpful."