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URGENT: Security problem with Microsoft Exchange

15 Mar 2021 by Carolyn Hustwayte

Harrogate Chamber member Millennia Cloud warns organisations who use Microsoft Exchange that the National Cyber Security Centre estimates that 7000 servers have been affected by a security flaw and only half are secure. 

Ransomware groups are exploiting this flaw to install their malicious programs which if successful, locks user’s data behind strong encryption making the computer system unusable.  The group then demands payment to unlock the data.

Businesses should ensure that their Microsoft Exchange servers are patched to the latest version immediately to mitigate the risk.

Millennia warns that in their experience smaller companies often forget to patch these servers making them more vulnerable.

Many businesses are moving to Microsoft 365 as patching is undertaken automatically.

Should businesses need a managed Microsoft 365 service, Millennia will be happy to help.

Get Exchange patching quickly!