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9 Feb 2021 by Graham Strugnell

Be honest, whilst being pleased for the odd person who has prospered during COVID 19, probably producing Masks or Sanitiser, most businesses/individuals have struggled, or worst. 

Those of you who know me will know that I detest negativity, and truly believe that enthusiasm and positivity always ( normally)lead to success.


THE  MOST  UNSUCCESSFUL THING I have ever done is to write and self- publish my e-book " Get That Job".

Having launched it just over 2 years ago on Kindle it is now an established failure, no longer a hopeful new issue.

Until going self employed/sole proprietor 15 years ago, I had around a dozen jobs in the Life assurance, Investment and Pension world, and felt that I was an expert in securing jobs when I wanted to advance my 45 year career. I thought the book would really help people search for, and apply successfully for their next position, in the style of a work book, NOT a novel.

I have sold so many copies over the 2 years ( mmm 8 to be precise) I must admit that I have not declared my annual Royalties of around £3 pa, or the profit on each book, of around £1.50 per copy. Amazon/Kindle pay out over £35m in Royalties to self- published authors each year, so I've yet to make the Top 10 Bonus League.

I don't feel too guilty ( if the HMRC are reading this) as my publicity costs, preparation ,consultation with a real publisher, and time spent writing the thing has left me with a £real loss.

The genuine support from Chamber, family and friends, coupled with me visiting all of the local 6th form Career teachers, and Harrogate College , and the Job Centre, came to nothing. 

Thankfully, taking the e-book route has saved me having  real books  adding to the boxes of stuff filling my loft and    garage !

Perhaps sales are just about to take off as so many people are going to need guidance this year, then I'll cover my costs !!!

AS MY LONG- SUFFERING WIFE ONCE SAID "Maybe a book about how to keep a job would be better ?" I'll never know, I can't write that one.

NB Never give up, at £2.99 "Get that job" is still available on Kindle e-books, written by yours truly, Graham Strugnell

PS  I've cancelled the order for the Lambo !!!!