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Helping Harrogate district businesses reach more customers

24 Nov 2020 by Harrogate Borough Council

Helping Harrogate district businesses reach more customers and grow their sales through social media engagement.

To support local businesses, we are working with Maybe* – an online platform that helps businesses improve the results they achieve through social media.

The platform is packed full with social media tools and support to help businesses across the Harrogate district accelerate their use of social media, collaborate and increase customer engagement, footfall and sales.

Through Maybe*, businesses in our district can collaborate and engage with each other’s content enabling them to reach more people and amplify their activities across social channels.

Any business registered within the Harrogate district is eligible for a FREE Maybe* account and will have unlimited access to support and training so no matter where you are on your social media journey Maybe* can help you.

Click here to see how one independent wedding florist uses Instagram to generate new business despite the uncertain times.

Watch this video with Denise Law from Law & Co - a Cirencester-based clothing boutique – who has seen sales increased by 110% within 1 month of working with Maybe*.

Businesses normally pay upwards from £35 per month for this service but by partnering with Maybe* we are able to offer a year’s access to Harrogate district business for free.

Find out more and sign up for free at: https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/business-investment/social-media-support-businesses

Training and support sessions

As well as the platform, Maybe* also offer free sessions on; getting started on social media, using the platform as well as weekly sessions covering a range of topics.

On Wednesday 2 December the seminar will feature Knaresborough businesses, so be sure to tune-in.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to improve the results you achieve through social media. Please feel free to share this email with other businesses in the Harrogate district.

Kind regards,

Harrogate Borough Council

Why should businesses sign up?

Maybe* has identified that since lockdown the number of businesses active on social media has dropped to 43% nationally and as low as 5% in some towns. This is despite the number of consumers active on social media increasing dramatically. Those businesses that are embracing social media to engage with customers and other businesses are recovering from the pandemic faster while building loyalty and sentiment with their customers.

Who can access a free Maybe* account?

Any business registered within the Harrogate district is eligible for a free Maybe* account and there’s an unlimited seat policy within the platform meaning your whole team can get involved.

More about Maybe*

Maybe* is a collaborative social media management platform made up of four key tools that help businesses improve their results.

Maybe* Engagement tools. Maybe* provides access to Facebook Twitter and Instagram through one interface with optional live help. Both organic and paid social media is supported.
Maybe* Insight tools. Maybe* benchmarks the performance of all social media content and highlights the “Best Post” in every location, sector and channel.  This enables businesses to learn what works and replicate the technique. Businesses can access a set of tools that reveal the content that works, the sentiment of their audience and the people that are influencing local conversations.

Maybe* Reporting tools. Maybe* makes it super easy to report on social media activity as well as the option to upload external data so businesses can match social media activity, advertising, online spend, offline spend and footfall. Combining data in this way makes it much easier to spot the activity that is driving business results and revenue.

Maybe* Help and Training tools. Maybe* provides access to a bank of 500+ help articles that are constantly updated and access to live webinars, Facebook events and optional one on one sessions on any selected topic.

“A smarter approach to social media – discover the NEW way to engage your customers, reach new audiences and empower your team to make more sales.”