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Virtual Wellbeing Away Day

3 Nov 2020 by Valentina Hynes

A Harrogate-based business has announced a new event happening on the 6th of November, to help tackle a hidden epidemic of mental health challenges in the workplace worsened by the Coronovirus pandemic.

To provide practical answers, SVH Inc. a Harrogate based holistic Wellbeing & Happiness at Work company is offering Virtual Wellbeing Away Day

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It is no news that Covid-19 has upended all our lives in very drastic ways. What started out as a year of hope, ambition and drive for many, soon became one of uncertainty and angst, with businesses doing quick pivots not only to survive and scale, but to meet up with constantly changing Government regulations and guidelines..

Inevitably, the uncertainty, social distancing, and loss has created a different kind of pandemic. A mental wellbeing one creating disengagement and conflict. With many Employees feeling anxious and disconnected.

What can Businesses and Organisations do to ensure wellbeing and Inclusion in a pandemic?

To provide practical answers, SVH Inc. a Harrogate based holistic Wellbeing & Happiness at Work company is offering Virtual Wellbeing Away Day Experiences with CPD Certifications and DISC Personality Type Assessments, ensuring Strong Vibrant, Happy and Incorporated teams.

Valentina and Stephen Hynes, owners of SVH Inc. describe themselves as Holistic Wellbeing & Happiness at Work Specialists helping businesses stay Superheroes by boosting their peoples’ superpowers with Employee Support through Away Day Learning Experiences.

SVH Inc. was borne out of the husband and wife’s close shave with what could have been a fatal consequence of work related stress and anxiety. In 2017, Stephen Hynes, who was a Senior Development Manager, overseeing multi-million GBP commercial property projects in the midst of a recession, suffered a heart attack brought on by work related stress and anxieties.

According to Valentina Hynes; “Before this, I had watched his smile dim, anxiety rise and work become a third partner in our marriage. This horrible experience led to us investigating wellbeing in the workplace. We found a gap in a holistic approach to Wellbeing and Happiness at Work through Experiences that provide up-skilling training, rejuvenating and inspiring opportunities. We use our Destination Partners (which include Castle Howard, Castle Allerton, Hazlewood Castle and the Cookery School at The Grand, York) as a springboard for creating connections to improve resilience.”

Some of their Away Day Experiences include DRIVE; an open to all sectors monthly Away Day Experience that combines a conference, a retreat, and a power vacation in a one day event. The next experience is on the 6th of November and will be exploring Diversity And Inclusion from a “Personality Type” point of view. It features an incredible lineup of Facilitators and Keynote Speakers, with workshops ranging from Linkedin training, Vision Boarding, Understanding Introverts, An Introduction to Tai Chi, Neigong, Qigong Mindfulness, A Cocktail Masterclass, Storytelling with Cards, Understanding Behavioural Economics for Organisational Success, Life flow - River flow using the Kawa Method and Creating Happiness at Work.

Attendees of DRIVE will not only receive CPD certifications but will also get DISC (Personality Type) Assessments done for improved Emotional Intelligence and Empathetic skills. Attendees will also be getting Wellness Goody boxes which will include award winning Theenk Tea, which beat M&S and Herbalife in the recently concluded Nourish Awards.

The event will be donating £1 per ticket sold to the Jordan Legacy in support of their zero suicide campaign.

Tickets to this can be obtained at the SVH Inc. website.

Other experiences being offered by SVH Inc. includes virtual Christmas parties designed to boost wellbeing & happiness at work as we head into the end of the year.

Reports from those who have attended SVH Inc. Away Day Experiences  describe them with words like; “Unusual, Inspiring, Refreshing, Relaxing and Educational”.

Delegates will receive:

  • Acccredited CPD certifications
  • DISC assessment (This is a self done behavioural assessment that arms one and management teams with self awareness, and knowledge of how your people want to be communicated with and treated for optimal engagement and results. Leading to greater Emotional Intelligence).
  • Wellbeing Assessments in realtime that helps you quickly figure out what’s stressing you and your team in real time. 
  • Wellness goody boxes posted before the event


More details are here: https://driveexploringdiversity.eventbrite.co.uk/