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Do You Want to Trade On-Line?

3 Nov 2020 by Graham Strugnell

 Hi, you can tell I’m retired, I have  time to investigate  companies, with a view of investing in their shares, and now and again get a real surprise.

Graham Strugnell has been seerching for things which could help as we dive into another lockdown.

Here is the results of his labours.

Clipper Logistics, in Leeds, can provide a service to help you go online and provide an all inclusive service regarding not only delivery, but also that all important aspect of dealing with returns and the effects on customer service. I was prompted to point this out after reading the note from Porters which failed to remind everyone that they are probably the longest established, high end, quality clothing shop in Harrogate, with a first class reputation for service and personal attention.

In answer to a question “are you going online” the answer was “we are updating our website” !!!!

A concise ,attractive website is essential, but surely researching a real online facility is just as important. I have no idea how Clipper operate, and there must be similar offerings out there, but it could be a good place to start. I don’t think any sales or marketing blurb should ever mention a competitor/ opposition company, it simply gives them free advertising and makes the reader think of them, and it removes focus away from you.

Porters mentioned Amazon instead of selling their own fantastic brand, now is not the time to be modest, shout how good you are from the rooftops, people buy confidence and enthusiasm, if you have to start by pushing vouchers, so be it, but make them attractive, a discount on the price of the voucher,perhaps, or an offer of a discount on additional future in store purchases, when the shop reopens (only for voucher buyers).

Amazon are not a good online company to mention, as they are so efficient and their customer care is second to none, so definitely don’t give them a mention.

Food for thought, Struggers