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Travel exemptions, hairdressers reopening & culture support package

6 Jul 2020 by Helen Clarke - Cabinet Office

Please find today's key government updates below:

1) Travel exemptions
On Saturday 4 July the government's travel advice changed, with exemptions for travelling to certain countries and territories that no longer pose a high risk?for?British travellers. 

The government continues to advise against non-essential international travel, except to countries and territories listed.

You can view the full list of exempted travellers here - https://bit.ly/HOExemptions - and exempted destinations here - https://bit.ly/ExemptedDestinations.

Full guidance for British people travelling overseas during the coronavirus pandemic can be found here: https://bit.ly/CV19TravelGuidance.

2) Hairdressers reopening 
Also from Saturday 4 July, Britain’s hairdressers and barber shops were back open for business. The Cabinet Office has shared the following tweet, which explains how hairdressers will keep customers and staff safe. We would appreciate you retweeting on your own channels where possible: https://bit.ly/SalonsTweet.

Guidance for people who provide close contact services (e.g. hairdressers and barbers) can be found here: https://bit.ly/CV19CloseContactGuidance.

3) £1.57 billion support package for cultural and heritage organisations
Britain’s globally renowned arts, culture and heritage industries will receive a world-leading £1.57 billion rescue package to help weather the impact of coronavirus, the government announced today.

The money, which represents the biggest ever one-off investment in UK culture, will provide a lifeline to vital cultural and heritage organisations across the country hit hard by the pandemic. It will help them stay afloat while their doors are closed. Funding to restart paused projects will also help support employment, including freelancers working in these sectors.

Further details of the announcement can be found here: https://bit.ly/CultureSupportPackage.

As ever, please do share these trackable links through your network and if you have any questions, please email our dedicated business enquiries mailbox (covid19-partnerships@cabinetoffice.gov.uk).