Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce News

Reopening the High Street / Town Centre - Business Toolkit and Checklist

12 Jun 2020 by Daniel Harper

Harrogate Borough Council are working hard to support retailers and hospitality businesses across the district to reopen now that lockdown restrictions have been eased. Part of our efforts has been to produce a business toolkit and checklist that offers practical safety advice, guidance and supporting materials.

The link to the toolkit is here - www.harrogate.gov.uk/toolkit. It includes the following:

  • Reopening checklist
  • Contactless payments A4 poster
  • Customer numbers A4 poster
  • Hand sanitising A4 poster
  • Keep your distance A4 poster
  • One way A4 poster
  • Protect each other A4 poster
  • Queue behind the white line A4 poster
  • Queue here A4 poster
  • Wash your hands A4 poster
  • Keep your distance 300x300mm floor sign
  • Queue here 300x300mm floor sign
  • This way arrow 300x300mm floor sign

We would be very grateful if you could share this with your members/networks so that any business who wants to make use of the toolkit can do. We are aware that other organisations have produced similar material and that is very much welcomed, we hope that this can support those efforts and plug any gaps in terms of sectors or geography so that every business has access to this support.

In addition the council is working hard to get as many of the public toilets across the district open in time for Monday. It won’t be possible to open all of them but there will be coverage across all the main settlements.