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Health measures at the border & PHE disparities report

4 Jun 2020 by Helen Clarke - Cabitet Office

1) Health measures at the border

The Home Secretary delivered an oral statement to the House of Commons today (Wednesday 3 June) on health measures being introduced from Monday 8 June at the border in response to coronavirus. 

Full details of her statement can be found here: https://bit.ly/BordersOralStatement

Key details to note include:

  • All arrivals – bar a short list of exemptions (https://bit.ly/HOExemptions) - will be required to complete an online locator form to supply contact details, travel details and the address of where they will self-isolate for 14 days. Where international travellers are unable to safely self-isolate in their own accommodation the Government will support them finding appropriate accommodation at their own expense.
  • Passengers arriving in the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and could be contacted regularly throughout this period to ensure compliance. Public Health England will contact people at random to ensure they understand the requirements and are self-isolating. Removal from the country would be considered as a last resort for foreign nationals who refuse to comply with these public health measures.
  • Anyone failing to comply with the mandatory conditions may face enforcement action. A breach of self-isolation would be punishable with a £1,000 fixed penalty notice in England or potential prosecution and unlimited fine.
  • The level of fine could increase if the risk of infection from abroad increases. The Devolved Administrations will set out their own enforcement approaches.
  • Border Force will undertake checks at the border and may refuse entry to any non-resident foreign nationals who refuse to comply with these regulations and aren't a resident in the UK. Failure to complete the form is also punishable by a £100 fixed penalty notice.
  • The rules do not apply to those travelling from within the common travel area (CTA) (Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) - unless they have arrived in the CTA from overseas within the last 14 days, in which case they will have to provide locator details and self-isolate on arrival here. This will help make sure that those who could have come into contact with the virus overseas cannot bypass the self-isolation measures.
  • Those who have arrived in the CTA longer than 14 days ago will not have to provide locator details or self-isolate if they travel to the UK.

The Home Office have shared the following tweet, which we would appreciate you retweeting on your own channels where possible: https://bit.ly/BordersTweet

2) Public Health England Report

Yesterday Public Health England (PHE) published the 'Disparities in the risk and outcomes of COVID-19' report.

PHE’s investigation found that age is the biggest risk factor for coronavirus, next gender, living in a city is a risk and being black or from a minority ethnic background is also a significant risk factor. 

As the Health Secretary mentioned yesterday, there is much more work to do to understand what is driving these disparities and how the different risk factors interact. To that end, Kemi Badenoch, the Minister for Equalities, will be taking this work forward, working with PHE and many others.

You can read the full report here: https://bit.ly/PHECV19Report