Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce News

Event for local business owners.

19 May 2020 by Mike Procter

Something is stirring in the soul of the nation. People, including your customers are re-evaluating and exploring.

Take a look at this data relating to faith for example;

  • 24% of the population attended an online church service during lock-down. Church attendance is usually 5-7%. 1
  • A ‘national blessing’ song posted on YouTube achieved 2.1 million views in a week. 2
  • Alpha, a long established Christian course exploring the meaning of life reports a huge surge of uptake. 3
  • Christian bookshops report sales of The Bible up by 55%. 4

In the middle of a crisis it might seem absurd to talk about planning, but in a rapidly changing landscape it’s essential to check your map and compass.

You are invited to a peer to peer conversation between local Christian business-owners.

It will be a facilitated meeting, held via Zoom on Tuesday 26th May, 7.30-9.00pm.

There is no cost.

Follow this link for more information and to book.