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We are all adapting – including Counter Terrorism Policing

9 Apr 2020 by Adam Thomson Head of the N C T Security Office

This is Part 2

6. Glazing

All easily accessible glazing should be laminated to resist forced entry. Double glazed units only require either the inner or outer pane to be laminated. Alternatively, security film can be applied to the internal glazed panel, ensuring it is fixed under the beading, where possible.

7. Roller shutters and grilles

Roller shutters and grilles can provide additional protection to external doors and windows in vulnerable areas around your business premises.

They are particularly useful for protecting recessed doors that create hiding places because they are set back from the building line. If you have roller shutters or grilles fitted, use them.

8. Lighting

The need for external lighting will be determined by local circumstances and the quality of street lighting in the area, e.g. inner city, rural, adopted, non-adopted areas, etc. Internal lighting should be operated by detection devices which will automatically switch lights on where movement is detected.

Check that all lights are in good working order.

9. Safe storage of valuables, assets and stock

Valuables, assets and stock should be either removed from the premises or stored in a secure, lockable container, cage or room and the keys stored in a secure key cabinet or removed entirely.

It is advisable to check the continued performance of essential equipment and services, such as fridge freezers, electrical and water supplies, including central heating pipework.

10. Gaming and vending machines

Gaming and vending machines should be emptied of all stock and cash with visible external facing signage displayed to advertise this fact and deter a potential intruder.

Cyber Crime

We are aware that criminals are preying on the fears of COVID-19, and sending scam emails that try and trick people into clicking on a bad link.

The National Cyber Security Centre have produced guidance which explains what to do if you’ve already clicked, and provides some of the telltale signs of scam emails to look out for.

We recommend you read this to find out how to help keep your business safe on line.

NaCTSO Crowded Places Guidance

The UK faces a real threat from terrorism and crowded places do remain a target.

Crowded places include areas which are easily accessible to the public and attractive to terrorists.

The NaCTSO Crowded Places guidance has been written to help those charged with security at these locations mitigate the threat and help make the UK less vulnerable to an attack.

If you have specific concerns about potential terrorist activity, you can get in touch with us via gov.uk/act.

Finally, from everyone at CT Policing, please stay safe, keep in touch, and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

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