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Berwins Saying # Thanks Harrogate this Christmas

1 Dec 2019 by Berwins

In the run up to Christmas, we’re asking people to pause and say thank you to a person, business or good
cause who has made a difference to their lives and to Harrogate. This is a campaign which Berwins will
run, but it’s not about us, it’s about our community. Here’s how it works...

Chamber Blog Image 1 Chamber Blog Image 1

... for Berwins
... for our community
... for you?

Saying thank you each day,
we’ll be using our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to showcase those who are making a difference to the life of our community

we’ll be working with the local press to promote the ThanksHarrogate campaign

Saying thank you
we’re encouraging anyone from the Harrogate area to say thank you on social media with ThanksHarrogate

An early Christmas present
to show our thanks andencourage involvement, we’ll be giving a £200 Harrogate Gift Card to our pick of the ThanksHarrogate social media shout outs

Saying thank you
join the conversation and say thanks on social media
Spread the word share ThanksHarrogate posts and help to create a wave of thanks in Harrogate this Christmas.

Social banners and artwork will also be available
Nominate let us know who you would like to see Berwins showcase