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Sir Tim Waterstone – The Face Pressed Against a Window

10 Oct 2019 by Charlotte Woods

See Sir Tim Waterstone onstage at the Crown Hotel on Friday 18th October at 5pm.

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Very few business titans make it to ‘household name’ status like Sir Tim Waterstone. While reading English at Cambridge, visited a bookshop one afternoon and had a “moment of epiphany” – he knew what he would do with his working life.

Growing from being fired from a competitor, to founding the bookselling chain Waterstone’s in 1982 (and leaving the first day’s takings behind on the train), to finding himself at the head of Europe’s largest bookselling group just 10 years later, Sir Tim’s career has been an incredible journey.

Never getting bored of books, he has published four novels and one semi-autobiographical business book and was knighted in the 2018 Birthday Honours for services to bookselling and to charity.

Nostalgic, heart-wrenching, and a fascinating insight into his incredible rise, The Face Pressed Against the Window is his memoir.

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