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26 Mar 2019 by John Fox


Please click the link for the full newsletter available to download from Harrogate Business Improvement District Website

MESSAGE FROM JOHN FOX, CHAIR  OF HARROGATE  BID LTD Welcome to our first newsletter to all Levy payers and all businesses in the Harrogate BID area.  I thought it would be useful getting our message out to both these groups as you are key players in our town. Since the result of the Ballot in November, we have been working very hard to set the business up.  We have created a Board for the company with 10 members on the Executive Committee which meets monthly and the Board with 16 members who will meet quarterly.  Full details of the Directors are included in this mailing and on our website.  The Directors have been selected from the Task Group which has been working to set up the BID.  They are continuing their work with the BID in order to ensure consistency in the process, as detailed in the BID Business Plan.  We have found offices and have spent time recruiting the BID Manager. All the Directors are volunteers. I would like to record my thanks to my colleagues for all the work they have contributed in helping set up the Company. We have some exciting projects to be launched over the next few months.  These are currently being finalised, but we want to share some of them with you. We have joined forces with Welcome to Yorkshire to help promote Harrogate both internationally and in the UK.  With Explore GB, Tour de Yorkshire and the UCI in Harrogate this year, we have a great opportunity to showcase our fantastic town to the world.  We are very keen to ensure that all the groups involved work together to ensure success for Harrogate. If you have any questions or comments, or perhaps ideas to promote our town centre, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.  I am keen that we all work together to ensure the Harrogate Business Improvement District is a success for the town, but more importantly for you. John Fox Chair@harrogatebid.co.uk