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5 Feb 2019 by Rebecca Reeve-Burnett

The Harrogate Bus Company is giving away free travel every Sunday in March on our electric buses within Harrogate. These services cover Bilton, New Park, Jennyfield, Pannal Ash as well as Kings Road, Ripon Road and Cold Bath Road.

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We’d be grateful if you and any of your members would be able to help get the word out so I wondered if you might be able to circulate this email to members you have in the town?

We should be able to carry a huge number of people into the town when we do this and hopefully it’s something everyone can get behind and support.

We’re going to be making some flyers and giving these to businesses in the town centre. If you think you’ll get through a lot of these, let me know how many so we can order extra!

Rebecca Reeve-Burnett

Sales and Operations Manager, VAMOOZ

07817 897090