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Social Media Strategy Seminar

3 Jun 2016 by Steve Pepper

Steve said:

“Around 90% of businesses have said that Social Media has increased the exposure of their brand so:

  • If you are struggling with Social Media

  • If your business is losing out to your competition because your online presence isn’t good

  • If you struggle with the learning curve or finding the time to make it work then this is the course for you!

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Steve Pepper

Most people go to the whistles and bells of Social Media Platforms especially with new ones emerging all the time like Periscope for example.

The problem with this approach is that Social Media Platforms are changing daily and what worked yesterday may not even exist today.

Like my old college catering lecturer used to say is learn principles of how to cook something rather than learn recipes.

By learning the principles of offline networking and applying them online is a far more effective approach than simply sending out Tweets, getting followers, likes, connections etc.

That doesn’t generate income and is about as useful as exchanging business cards at a speed-networking event.

It doesn’t work in the real world and it certainly doesn’t work online.

What they really need to get right is to have content and a proper strategy for getting all this together.

People can and do waste a lot of time online Tweeting and posting and trying to sell their goods or services and this is completely the wrong approach and is a total waste of time.

If you go to my website you will be able to download a free pdf copy of my new book. www.steve-pepper.co.uk  and that will definitely get you started on the right track.”

You can also book one of the limited places directly from Steve ‘s website. He is giving Chamber members a £20 discount off the normal price of £120. So can you not afford to invest a hundred pounds to get your Social Media Marketing on the right track?

Steve is also confident that the Seminar will help you to achieve all this. He said “ if anyone doesn’t think the training is valuable I will give a no quibble money back guarantee if the principles I show you don’t work.”