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Parking in Harrogate

3 Jun 2016 by Mike Pywell


Why do we need to act as a business community? NYCC's proposals for Sunday and evening parking charges are back on the agenda. Despite our successful campaign and petition last autumn it seems NYCC still think they can just push this through, without further consultation.

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Harrogate Parking

Don Mackenzie NYCC's highways Cabinet Member, has consistently said local businesses would benefit from the proposed introduction of Sunday and Evening Charges. As a business community this is our opportunity to clearly refute that.

We should be driving people into town on a Sunday, not deterring them. We accept parking controls will stop people leaving their cars all day but we do not accept charges. We can promote ‘Free Disc Parking’. It won't penalise attending church services and the more people coming into town, the more money in our tills and if on street spaces are taken people will park in the car parks.

We do not accept having disc parking on Sundays and pay and display during the week will confuse visitors. All we need are clear signs. That isn't difficult.

We believe the cost of extending the current wardens to patrol the town centre on Sundays will be covered by fines - if not lets see the figures and find a solution.

NYCC consistently say the proposals are about parking management not revenue because they cannot legally use parking to generate revenue BUT the £5m projected income over the next 10 years for Sundays and evening parking shows the real reason.

As a business owner/manager please support our campaign for Free Disc Parking on a Sunday. If you support us please share the link to either the business petition at hgbizsaysyes.com or the public petition at hgsaysyes.com

Please contact me directly if you any comments or questions.

Mike Pywell - petition@gmail.com