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Airports National Policy Statement

5 Jun 2018 by Lisa Childs

Today, by tabling the final Airports National Policy Statement (NPS), the Government has taken an important step to keep the UK competitive on the world stage. Please find our press release here.

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Heathrow is the UK’s only Hub airport and the largest port by value to markets outside the EU and Switzerland, responsible for moving over 30% of the country’s exports to these markets in 2017. However, Heathrow has been full for over a decade. Major cargo routes to Asia, North America and the Middle East are at capacity and Heathrow has already been overtaken in connectivity by Hub airports around Europe. Without expansion, the UK will only fall further behind in the global race for trade and growth, and the injection of £14bn into the economy from Heathrow’s long-term private investors to deliver expansion will be prevented; denying thousands of jobs, apprenticeships and opportunities across the country.  

An expanded Heathrow will deliver for all of Britain. From Newquay to Norwich and from Prestatyn to Perth, Britain's exporters will enjoy up to 40 new long-haul trading routes; also enabling billions of pounds in growth to flow across the country through boosted tourism and investment. Passengers will benefit from lower fares and new connections, as increased capacity unlocks competition and more choice on routes, enabling new airlines to operate from Heathrow and allowing existing airlines to grow.  All whilst keeping the charge per passenger close to current levels.

Importantly, expansion is not a choice between the country and our local communities - it will deliver for both. With expansion, thousands of local jobs and apprenticeships will be created, air quality issues will continue to be tackled, our scheduled night flight ban will be extended, new green spaces will be created, more support will be available for those who are affected and the Airports Commission found that fewer people can be affected by noise.

It's for all the reasons above that Heathrow expansion is supported by businesses, unions, UK airports, communities, airlines and investors across the country.  After extensive analysis of wide ranging evidence, both the independent Airports Commission, and more recently, the House of Commons Transport Select Committee, found that our plans for expansion are the best choice for the UK.

This year, Heathrow has visited every region and nation of the UK to continue the national conversation about expansion, discussing how every business and community can make the most of the opportunities unlocked by the project.  The outcomes from these conversations have formed the basis of a new report released today in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce, echoing the sentiment heard across the country: the World is Waiting. The full copy of the World is Waiting report can be found here.

We understand the vital role that business has played to address the issue of airport capacity in the South East so far. The vote on the Airports NPS will be the next stage in a process first started 50 years ago by the Roskill Commission and, if approved, the policy framework will allow Heathrow to get on with delivering this vital national infrastructure project for all of the UK.

Given the length of the process so far, we would like the chance to update as many MPs as possible on our plans, what they will mean for their constituents and answer any queries they might have ahead of the vote. With that in mind, we would be most grateful if you could flag our drop-in event to any of your MP contacts (details below).