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YBM quiz: results and answers

15 May 2018 by Vicky Caarr

Tony Mellor for Xi Communications has wone the prize of a Spa and meal for two at Rudding Park kindly given by Peter Banks GM at Rudding Park.

Tony and his wife are looking forward to enjoying their evening

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Thanks for stopping by our stand at Yorkshire Business Market this year. We had a great day, welcoming many new and familiar faces to the stand, and we hope you did too.

Our challenging quiz proved a real talking point - there was plenty of debate about the answers! For those of you who have been puzzling about the questions for the last couple of weeks, here are the correct answers as compiled by our offiical quizmaster:

1. In what year did Harrogate host the Eurovision song contest??  1982

2. Who discovered Harrogate's first 'mineral well' in 1571??  William Slingsby

3. Which Duchy merged with the English Crown making Harrogate Royal Property in the 14th Century? Lancaster

4. In which hotel was Agatha Christie discovered after disappearing in 1926??  The Old Swan Hotel

5. How many tickets did the Harrogate International Festivals sell for the Crime Writing Festival in 2017??  16,500

6. According to the March 2018 figures how many of Harrogate Town Centre's 503 shops were vacant at the end of that month??  43

7. According to HBC figures which sector advertised the most vacancies in Harrogate during Q3 2017/2018??  Human health activities

8. The Chamber have regularly sponsored the 'Best Small Business' category at the Harrogate Advertiser Business Awards. Which company was recently awarded the title for 2018??  H2K of Harrogate

9. In the latest GDP figures what was the level of growth in the UK in the first 3 months of 2018?  0.10%

10. What is the floor space of the rooftop spa in Rudding Park's new £9.5 million development??  45,000

11. When the new Virgin 'Azuma' trains begin full service on the Harrogate line in May 2019, how many direct trains will be available to London daily??  7

Tiebreaker: How many cinnamon buns have popular cafe (and Chamber member) Baltzersen's sold so far in 2018?  6259