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7 Mar 2018 by Natalie Dalkiran

Berwins Salon North returns to the Crown Hotel in Harrogate on Thursday 15 March. Don’t miss this cabaret style evening exploring the most stimulating ideas in art, science and psychology, designed to change life for the better

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Join three expert speakers, Annie Gray, Carl Miller and Martyn Waites each giving a TED style talk interspersed with intervals to spark conversation or a visit to the bar.  Discover:

What is the new force chipping away where Power used to sit? There is a new force jolting economies, transforming political parties, swallowing newspapers, eclipsing experts and dismantling corporations. It is also redistributing power in new, mysterious ways. Carl Miller will expose the centres of control in the world today.

Can Crime Fiction contribute to wellbeing? From an exploration of its roots, to the psychology of its place in our modern world, Martyn Waites will explore whether this popular literature can even contribute to easing some of life’s most difficult experiences.

What does the study of historic food tell us about society past…and present? Author, historian and broadcaster Annie Gray will look at myths we still perpetuate about food in the past and explore what these mistaken beliefs say about society today. This is history that is as fascinating as it is delicious.

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