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New Era at Harrogate Chamber

14 Apr 2016 by Vicky Carr, Chamber PR Officer

With 120 years of history behind it, Harrogate Chamber has played an active role in the business community for several generations.

Any successful organisation needs to be open to change, and we are always aware of the need to adapt to the changing business and political landscape.

So our members have agreed it is time to change the name of our organisation to Harrogate and District Chamber of Commerce.

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Harrogate District

This development reflects the changing nature of business in the Harrogate district. As local enterprise partnerships, devolution and other political changes are introduced, we believe that the Harrogate district is strongest when it is united – and that particularly applies to local independent businesses.

We know there are a large number of business organisations in cities and towns across the Harrogate district, and we have worked alongside many of them for years. We certainly don't intend to challenge what they offer or ask businesses in their areas to choose between them and us. Neither do we propose that we will have meetings anywhere but in our usual town centre locations.

Instead, we are offering another option to those businesses which are based outside Harrogate itself, but which want to benefit from being part of a wider organisation for the whole district. We will work for the benefit of the business community across the whole Harrogate district and will offer membership to anyone in that area who wants to join us.

Businesses are strongest when they are united in a common purpose. We will continue to work closely with all the business organisations in the Harrogate district and hope that our joint efforts can be the greatest force for positive development that our area has ever known.