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8 Nov 2017 by Ben Mansfield

New fast service links Leeds with Manchester seven days a week

It’s this week’s top value money-saving deal – travel fast and in comfort between Leeds and Manchester for just one pound!

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The two great Northern cities are now joined together seven days a week by the all-new Cityzap express bus service – and to encourage people to try the new route, from now until Saturday (11 November 2017 all one-way journeys will be just £1.

Those with concessionary passes issued anywhere in England can also travel completely free, subject to the usual time restrictions.

The Cityzap express picks up at Leeds City Bus Station and at Ainley Top for customers coming from Halifax and Huddersfield – and then runs along the M62 motorway to Manchester, dropping off in the heart of the city at Piccadilly Gardens next to the bus and Metrolink stations, and at Chorlton Street opposite the coach station.

The launch of Cityzap between Leeds and Manchester is ideally timed for early Christmas shopping trips to both cities. The new service is run by innovative bus operator Transdev, whose CEO Alex Hornby said: “We’re very excited about this new route, which offers an excellent alternative to driving or going by train.

“We’ve already had a fantastic reaction from those who’ve been on board our new Cityzap express – people are saying they love the direct city centre to centre route, our comfortable buses packed with passenger-friendly facilities – and of course the amazing low fares.

“We know from the experience of our original Cityzap service between Leeds and York that there is a growing market amongst customers who are fed up paying high rail fares to travel on overcrowded trains, and drivers who face ever-rising fuel costs at the petrol station on top of the stress of motorway driving.

“They simply want to travel city to city in comfort, with simple fares available at a much more realistic price, and that’s exactly what Cityzap is all about.”

“From now until Saturday, we’re offering everyone the chance to come and try out the new service for just one pound for a one-way trip. With an endless choice of things to see and do in both cities, now is the ideal time to zap!”

The launch of Cityzap between Leeds and Manchester follows the huge success of the award-winning original Cityzap express between Leeds and York, which carried a quarter of a million customers in its first 12 months.

Cityzap was launched following extensive customer research across the UK and Europe by bus operator Transdev, which revealed that customer perceptions of bus travel suffered due to the perception that even though buses linked major cities, the number of stops served along the route made it difficult for the bus to effectively compete against the train and the private car.

Following the launch of Cityzap’s original Leeds to York route in March 2016, a follow-up survey showed showed an impressive 38 per cent of customers had switched to Cityzap from the car or the train.

The new Cityzap express is now whisking customers between Leeds and Manchester city centres in as little as 75 minutes – comparing favourably with other ways to travel between the two, and after this week’s introductory £1 offer ends, at prices still costing as low as a third of the return train fare.

Buying tickets for the new service has also been made easy. A brand-new smartphone app, Transdev Go, offers a range of bargain day, weekly and monthly tickets for travel on Cityzap and a network of connecting services across the North of England from Preston in the west to the Yorkshire Coast in the east.

The app also gives users access to real-time live departure times from all stops on the new route – and a live news feed to make sure everyone’s in the know before they go.

The all new Cityzap express between Leeds and Manchester is now up and running – full information is available online at: http://www.cityzap.co.uk.