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Sandra's 21 Harrogate District Chamber Benefits

12 Jun 2017 by Sandra Doherty

I have to say the month of May has been a good one as far as I am concerned so I thought I would share a few of my Chamber interactions with you all

1                 After Vicky asked for support for St Michaels Hospice I paid for a year’s Lottery and guess what?  Yes, I won £10 in the first week.

2                 This was quickly followed with my annual report from Graham Strugnell on how well my mother’s investments have been doing – 17.48% I am really please as so is Mum.

3                 Still keeping to the money theme, I am looking to re-mortgage and even in these difficult times Barclays have been really helpful in sourcing me some options.

4                 While all the other Guesthouses have been moaning about the rising costs of property insurance David Bulmer has managed to keep mine lower than it was last year.

5                 McCormick’s solicitors are holding my hand as I struggle to get my divorce through and have even managed to track down an ex-husband who just didn’t want to be found.

6                 Karla from Mrs Energy looks after all my Gas and Electric contracts so that I am never out of contract and always get me the best deal she can.

7                 Enid Taylor print my invoice pads for me, I’m up to number 3543 so let’s hope I am really busy and they need to print me some more.

8                 Reservation Highway provide me a steady stream of delegates wanting to stay for conferences and exhibitions at

9                 Harrogate Convention Centre and even provide an ear to listen when I am having language problems with Polish guests who don’t seem to understand I would not rather have cash at the end of their stay and I much prefer a nice safe bank transfer in advance.

10              Having a good-looking website is really important to me so the services of Sam Oakes Design by Gobo both as a web designer and a photographer has been great for me as he sorts out all things techy for me.

11              Tim Williamson from Peregrine does the same with the Chamber website so don’t all come to me at once later expecting me to be a whiz with a computer!

12              H Morgan have saved my life on several occasions by providing a fast and I mean fast service so after some guest or thought that leaving an iron on face down on a carpet was OK – Help I need the room again tonight usually has them coming to the rescue.

13              Waitrose is my favourite supermarket as for those who know me well know I am not a fan of shopping so Waitrose with its food only nearly offering saves me walking through isles of stuff I have no interest in.  If you saw my shopping list it would make you laugh. It starts with 8 litres of milk, 42 tomatoes, lots of mushrooms, 4 white and 4 brown loaves, and then there is the odd bit of food to go with the meat from Hutchinson’s for us.

14              Lovely Elite Taxis are another life saver to me they agreed to take my not always with-it mother to St James hospital and wait with her while she had treatment and deliver her back to the nursing home safe and sound. How good is that when you just can’t do it yourself.

15              With cancer in mind I went to the McMillan Dinner at the Old Swan and won the heads and tails game which was a BIG bottle of wine which had been donated by Ake & Humphries so if anybody is wanting a raffle prize for a good cause let me know as neither Andy or I drink.

16              To me having my hair cut at Peter Gotthards is more than a relaxing half hour it’s a chance for Cheryl and I to catch up and keep me in touch with how the retailers see what’s happening in the town.

17              It’s only a short walk up the road to Maturi Bags and Baggage to buy a Steiff bear as its now a family tradition to give one to every baby born in our family.  It has seemed like such a good idea that Andy’s family have joined in too.

18              For a rest or rather a calming walk what’s better than a wander round Harlow Carr sit and watch the river flow past and hope to catch sight of a Kingfisher whizzing downstream.

19              As a treat, a nip in to Bettys for either a cup of hot chocolate or a brown bread ice cream depending on the weather ends the perfect afternoon.

20              An invitation not to be missed was an invite to the opening of Rudding Parks New Spa which was gorgeous in every way and perhaps if I am tempted to a treatment I will give it a go.

21              Last but not least I best mention Visit Harrogate as I am a board member so it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? Let’s try and support them too as they try raise the profile of Harrogate for us all.