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Northern Rail strike action - contingency measures

12 Mar 2017 by Sian Morgan

Ahead of strike action by the RMT union on the Northern network on Monday 13th March, I wanted to update you on the contingency measures that have been put in place by Northern Rail to help manage potential disruption on the day; we would very much value your assistance in disseminating these messages to your members and networks.

Inevitably, the strike will have an impact on the number of train services that Northern can operate, but a number of plans are in place to keep as many people moving as possible:


  • Northern has announced a temporary timetable to give passengers on many routes - including significant destinations such as Manchester Airport - a core service from 7am on the day of the strike, winding down between 5pm and 7pm. Full details of the revised timetable are available on the Northern Railway website.
  • Neighbouring train operators and other transport providers are putting in place their own contingency arrangements, including providing more capacity where possible, managing passenger flows at stations and deploying extra staff. Ticket acceptance has been agreed with all neighbouring operators, including for trips late Sunday evening and early Tuesday morning, and on all Arriva bus services.
  • A fleet of 300 rail replacement buses will be deployed to serve stations on routes where there are fewer alternative journey options, and standby buses will be available at the end of the day for any passengers who may miss last trains; full details are available on the Northern Railway website.

In total, Northern expect to provide a core service that will allow 50% of usual passengers to travel, and it is not anticipated that there will be major impacts on either the evening before or the morning after the strike action.

We understand the impact that Monday’s disruption may have on your businesses, and so would like to thank you for your support and understanding of employees during this time. We would also welcome your feedback on the effectiveness of the contingency measures, so if you gather any views from your members or employees, please do share this with us.