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An ageing population: challenges and opportunities

30 Jan 2017 by Vicky Carr

The challenges and opportunities of the UK's ageing population will be discussed at the next meeting of Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce.

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Speakers will cover the practical aspects of managing and using the experience of older employees, as well as the training options available to people looking to take on a new career later in life – and the implications of workplace pensions.

Chamber chief executive Sandra Doherty said: "With the pension age rising and more people choosing or needing to work well into their 60s and beyond, there are plenty of companies now looking at recruiting and retaining older staff.

"This brings with it some natural advantages – greater life experience, for example – as well as the need to consider new challenges. Our meeting is an opportunity to find out how businesses can harness this expanding workforce and respond to the changing demographics of both their employees and their customers."

Speakers will include Judith Wardell and Jane Barber from Kingswood Age Confidence, Debra Forsythe-Conroy from Harrogate College, and Graham Strugnell from StruggyTax Wealth Management.

The open meeting will be held at Pavilions of Harrogate on Monday, February 6. Networking begins at 5.30pm, with the discussion starting at 6.15pm. 

Members can book their place by registering via our home page. Member businesses can send as many representatives as they wish for free, but we ask that they all register in advance so we can be ready to welcome them.

Attendance is free for first-time visitors, but places need to be booked in advance on the website or by emailing info@harrogatechamber.co.uk. Any repeat visitors can attend for £15 per person.