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Northern Gas Network(NGN) major mains replacement works - Station Road/Station Bridge/Albert Street/West Park, Harrogate.

25 Jan 2017 by Cllr.Don Mackenzie

For your information re NGN’s current mains replacement work at the above.

NGN have completed their mains replacement work in Station Parade. The excavations have been reinstated and the lining/antiskid surfacing reinstatements will be completed this afternoon.  Due to the extent of each opening reinstatement and the time required to allow for material to curing,  there will be a time over the next 24hrs when there will be no visible work on site. NGN have placed signs on site with this information for public.

NGN have confirmed that the lane closure in Station Parade & closure of Station Bridge junction will be re-opened to traffic by 1pm tomorrow, Thursday 26th Jan 2017.

Their main replacement work in Albert Road is on target to be complete within the next 3 weeks which include a Lane closure on West Park from the middle of next week.