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Business Growth Club

12 Oct 2016 by Michael Best

CCF Accountancy are starting a Business Growth Club, which will be an opportunity for businesses such as yours to gather and share ideas with other like - minded businesses. It will be ideal for getting inspiration to apply in your own business whilst also helping out others.

We would be running this every other month on a weekday evening from 5:30 till around 7:30. Food and drink would be provided

 We think that you would gain enormous benefit from this in terms of taking time out from working in the business to working on it.

Examples of topics of discussion would be – Finding new business, Social media, Marketing and promotion ideas, growing pains, VAT issues, PR, taking on staff members and so on. The subjects will be dictated by the members of the group.

There would be a small cost involved for each session attended which would cover the cost of food and drink and facilitation.

In order to plan, we would love to hear your feedback.

1.      Would you consider coming along to one of these events?

2.      Which of the topics above would be most beneficial to you?

3.      Are there any topics not listed that you would like to discuss?

4.      Would you like to talk to a professional at these events regarding subjects for example – marketing/PR

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us structure the events to best suit your needs.