Benefits of Membership

Helping You Grow Your Business

Benefits of Membership

Members of Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce enjoy numerous benefits that help them to grow and develop their businesses.


Every month, meetings are held for all members and any guests who want to join us. Each meeting has a topic relevant to local businesses, such as tourism, traffic, or the economy. Guest speakers are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with the audience, who can also ask questions. At each meeting, there is time for members to announce their latest news, events and special offers.

The meetings begin with networking in Harrogate's popular hotels and other venues. Attendance is typically between 70 and 100, with some meetings attracting even larger audiences when the topic is particularly interesting or the speakers very high profile. Guests are welcome to join us free at one meeting, and at subsequent meetings for £15 – or sign up and take part in all our monthly meetings throughout the year. For details about monthly meetings and locations, click here.

As well as the nine monthly meetings each year, there are three meetings specifically for networking. Two are known as Safaris, which are effectively speed networking events: the business owners in the room all meet each other, give a brief introduction to their businesses and promote their latest news, services and offers. A new introduction to the schedule is our "networking with a difference" night, when teams of business owners are challenged to use their creative, mathematical, logical and other skills to compete against others in the room. For more information, click here.

Networking Meeting Photo

Our monthly meetings provide great networking opportunities

The Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter,  is sent out to hundreds of local business people, sharing relevant news with the business community and promoting upcoming meetings. There are also opportunities for members and non-members to promote their own events and offers in the newsletter – just click here to read past issues.


Every member of Harrogate District Chamber gets its own page on our website. You can update your own page with the details you want, and change them as your business develops. The listing helps to make your business more visible online, as well as placing you in front of anyone who visits the chamber's website.

Members can also use the blog to share information about their business, the latest news, or their views on a current topic of interest to the business community. This will also help to boost your online presence and increase your reach.

The blog is also used by the chamber to keep members and the wider business community informed about what is happening in the Harrogate district. 

Please treat the website as an active resource and a place to engage with the chamber. You can read the latest information about upcoming meetings, book to attend, and email the chamber about anything you need.

Membership Directory

Being part of Harrogate District Chamber's official membership directory is a real plus for any business. Every member gets a whole page to themselves, and can use it to promote their services to other members and to the wider public.

We actively encourage all members to use the directory every time they need a product or service that a local business could provide. If we all work together and support each other before we look outside the district, all our businesses will benefit enormously. Please support your fellow members.


We can send your promotional message to our list of local business people, or place your advert on one of several spaces on our website for a very affordable fee. Adverts on our landing page will are available for a three-month period for just £50.

FREE photo of person(s) most likely to attend Chamber meetings and just £20 for an advert. The image be changed as often as you want – perhaps when you have a new offer or service to promote – and you only pay £20 when you want to change it. Adding a new image will trigger a message on the website homepage showing you have a new offer.  FREE links to you website and your social media

If you would like to find out more about how this works and the costs involved, just contact us. We are happy to help design adverts, write content or take photos to enable you to make the most of your adverts.

Remember: this is your chamber and your website. Why not use all the resources available to help you grow your business in the Harrogate district?

The Voice of Business

Harrogate District Chamber has a long track record of acting on behalf of its members to bring about improvements for the business community. As well as lobbying at the highest level for major changes, such as the reintroduction of a direct rail service from London to Harrogate and back, we support businesses facing problems in their day-to-day operations. We have previously helped to get icy roads gritted, campaigned against increases in parking charges that would have a negative impact on local shops, and supported the fundraising drive to significantly improve the Christmas lights in Harrogate.

We believe that working together gives us a much stronger voice at all levels. No matter what the problems your business faces, it is likely there are others in the same position – and Harrogate District Chamber is the perfect place to find the support you need.

Membership Benefits

A summary of benefits available to members.

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Promotional Service

List of marketing services provided by the Chamber.

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Sue Kramer (Partner)
of Crown Jewellers of Harrogate

"As an independent retailer in Harrogate town centre, since joining the Chamber we have benefitted from attending regular meetings where not only are we able to network, learn from expert speakers, but also keep up-to-date of important local issues.   In addition the Chamber provides invaluable influence and support to address the many challenges facing the independent retail sector."